Double & Stable Doors

Whether it is for convenience or nostalgia, composite stable doors can be a popular choice for our modern homes. Our range of stable doors offer a durable, energy efficient and secure take on the traditional stable door.

Great for those hot summer days and long summer nights, the easy functionality of our stable door allows you to effortlessly split the door, allowing a perfect flow of air though the home. In winter months, the stable door will be energy efficient, and perfectly weather tight, unlike like its older traditional cousin.

Available in a range of designs with multiple glass options and our vast array of colours, the Entrance Series offering can cater for your stable door desires.




The Entrance range provides the perfect option of creating a grand entrance or an elegant exit by using any of our designs to create a set of high quality, durable and stylish double doors. With both contemporary and traditional hardware options, you can create an extensive range of designs to cater for all tastes.


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