As a Entrance® composite door owner, you have peace of mind knowing that your door meets and exceeds the industry security standards. Every component of hardware has been carefully selected for their quality and have been tried and tested to the harshest standards.

At Entrance®, we have over 30 years experience in high security hardware from our parent company AMK Hardware and have combined the highly acclaimed, German manufactured Winkhaus multipoint-lock along with the industry leading Brisant Ultion 3 Star Security cylinder with each hardware option.


Security as Standard

As standard, the Entrance® collection of composite doors come complete with an impressive range of high security features. Manufactured in Germany our multi-point locking system features to compressing security hooks and a central door-bolt to provide high levels of both security and weather performance.

To further enhance this security your home will be protected by the industry leading Brisant Ultion 3 Star Security Cylinder. With an extensive range of handle colours and complimentary door furniture including knockers and letter-plates you can dress your door to meet your desires.




Upgrade to LockLock Handles

This market leading security handle provides the ultimate security for your Entrance® composite door. From its aesthetics to its mechanisms, the Lock Lock handle covers all potentially weak points a standard handle may have.

Aesthetics – The curved, modern shape of the Lock Lock is not only for good looks, but its curved mould makes it harder for the assailant to grab with pliers to pull away from the door. The cylinder is closely surrounded by the handle to also prevent the cylinder being gripped and snapped from the door. 210% stronger than the industry standard handle, so forced entry through prising of the handle is an impossible task.




Traditional Style – Modern Security

The Heritage Security Hardware upgrade adds and extra touch of class to your Entrance® composite door. With a key hole position at shoulder height the style mimics a traditional door whilst bringing all the modern weather performance and security of an auto locking multi-point locking systems.

Choose between a traditional look or go with a contemporary finish; From our traditional cylinder pull, available in polished chrome, polished brass, black and brushed silver, to our sleek contemporary design Satin Stainless Steel cylinder pull with an array of pull handle options you can add that extra design element and high-end feel to your door.




Contemporary Style – High Security

Our Contemporary Hardware Package offers you the most variations for your Entrance® composite door. With over 10 pull handle options to choose from ranging in size and shape, you can finish your door with a sharp-cool contemporary style, or a smooth-chic finish. To make your door to suit your home you also get the choice of a pull handle inside and out, or a suited internal lever handle for ease of use on the inside.





Security – At your Fingertips

The ultimate in convenience and security our Ekey Biometric readers use fingerprint technology to allow you to enter your home – your finger is the key. With over 6 billion people in the world your finger print is unique and you always have it with you so why not use it to enter your home. No more need for keys in your day to day routine this simple yet effective system can be used by up to 100 people, each programming in up to 10 fingers.

With Bluetooth controls and simple programming via your smartphone this truly is the lock of the future, available now. The technology constantly re-learns you finger every time you use it so you families with growing children are catered for and you never have to worry about leaving your home unsecure, being locked out or even loosing keys. This Fingerprint system can be used on any Entrance® door which features our contemporary Security Hardware Package.



Hardware – Dress your Door

Complete the look with your own personal touches of door furniture, carefully chosen to suit your Entrance® composite door. Our extensive range of door furniture and accessories including knobs, knocker letter plates and post-boxes can be found online and used to further enhance and personalise your Entrance® door. Available in a range of finishes to suit all tastes, this extensive collection is made of high quality materials which will further enhance the curb appeal of your door.