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We know that a front door distinguishes your home from others on the street, bringing extra character and a personal touch to a house.

We have a wide variety of styles for you choose from and a rainbow of colours available, as well a selection of glass panels and door hardware to finish you door off to the highest class.

Our doors are GRP Composites; its grain effect outer leaf has a timber like appearance without the worry of the peeling or cracking of paint.  The doors’ UV –stable outer skin makes sure that paint colour will not chip or fade, and creates an impact resistant surface for protection against marks and scratches. It also makes the door very easy to maintain as a quick wipe down of the door with warm soapy water will have your door looking like brand new.

Our glass also provides low maintenance solutions as each pane of glass are triple glazed keeping the decorative glass dust free and prevents lead oxidisation, keeping your glass look new and sparkling clean. We have a wide selection of glass designs for you to choose from, from traditional to contemporary, colourful to simple, all to suit each style of door.

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Thermal Efficiency

Entrance GRP Composite doors provide you with the look of a timber door without compromising the heat loss of a solid timber door. Their high performance insulating core keeps the heat ‘locked’ inside your home and has proven to be up to 19% more thermally efficient compared to standard timber doors. Entrance doors also boast a U-Value reading of 1.6 or less when the rate required is at least 1.8.

With energy rates being hiked up on a regular basis, it is important to make your home as energy efficient as possible. An Entrance door stops the heat from escaping through your front door, therefore decreasing the amount of energy lost and the cost of your oil, gas and electricity bills lower. Opting for an Entrance door with our glass will not decrease the thermal efficiency of your door either as our glass units are all triple glazed for high performance heat and sound insulation.

So not only do our doors prevent the loss of energy, but the triple glazed glass and the core of the door protects your home from external noise of busy roads and noise pollution. It has an Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) of at least 26dB and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of at least 29dB.


From the Door Slab to Door Lock and Handle,  an Entrance door provides peace of mind and security for your home.

The door itself is impact resistant with its’ rigid polymer subframe and has been proven to PAS24 security standards and a high-density polyurethane foam core maintains the resistance against forced entry. With a PVC door, security is low that the door is able to be kicked in, in seconds.

Each door is fitted with a market leading, high-security, multipoint locking system from Winkhaus UK Ltd, along with a Brisant Ultion security cylinder, guaranteeing no forced entry through the cylinder or you get £2000 money back!

Entrance CDS offers a range of locking options to suit your requirements including the Trulock+, autoLock AV2 and the Heritage lock, each of which are accredited by the Policing initiative ‘Secured by Design’ for its prevention against forced entry.

Each lock option has been approved by the SBD initiative and has been rigorously tested for their strength against forced entry. Their ‘claw’ like hooks support the locks’ position to ensure that the opening of the door when locked is extremely difficult.

To enhance the safety of entry to your home we have upgrades such as the LockLock security handle which provides protection against burglars trying gain entry through your property via breaking the handle. With extra protection of the spindle and guarding the cylinder, the LockLock has passed rigorous security testing.


With an Entrance door you are given a promise of a product that lasts, with guarantees on your door, glass and hardware.

Our GRP Composite Door leaf has a structural guarantee of 25 years from first date of purchase, and a 10 year surface guarantee for the paint work on the door leaf and our corresponding glazing cassettes to suit*.

You also have the guarantee from Brisant Ultion that there will be no forced entry into your property or you will get £2000 back, along with surface guarantees on our door furniture.