New Glass Range

We are expanding our range of glass options from January 2017 to give your more options to compliment your Entrance Composite Door.

In order to do this we will be discontinuing some of our current range to make room for our new chic and updated range.

Add Some Sparkle!
With clean cut bevels and complimentary lead and brass caming, our new glass finishes your Entrance Composite Door off with a sparkle.


Black wooden entrance door on residential house

Add Some Colour!Make your door pop with some colour! We have a range of new glass designs to satisfy your colour cravings to tie in with our door designs and colours.




Make it Modern!
Finish your door off with a modern unit to give our home chic kerb appeal


Specialised Glass

We have some specially designed glass to suit our Galaxy collection to compliment the door designs



The glass units that will be gradually discontinued are Celebes, Coral, Flores, Java, Laptev, Marmara, Timor, Tasman