Contemporary Hardware

Our Contemporary Hardware range for our composite doors features the Winkhaus AV2 Autolock, or the now upgraded AV4 autolock locking system.

Hardware options in this range comprise of a large range of round and square bar handles in straight or cranked variants, bow handles, and lever on rose options.

Winkhaus AV2 Automatic Locking System Details

Automatic multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus operate quickly and reliably. Their massive hooks automatically grip the keep rail and effectively
the door from being pried open.

Superbly engineered and manufactured in Germany the AV2+ Locking system is approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design ’security initiative. This important independent endorsement is an essential requirement of the Association of British insurers.

No longer is it necessary to lift the handle lever to engage the hook locking mechanism. This has often been difficult for the elderly and the infirm and puts their security at risk. There is a clear indication from the Police that it is not uncommon for doors to be closed just on the latch because of difficulties lifting handles – a fact well known to potential burglars!

Using an Automatic AV2+ mechanical lock, which operates as a slam lock as soon as the door is closed, also reduces the risk of a ‘follow-on’ attack or ‘tailgating ‘as it is sometimes known. Closing the door behind you as soon as you enter a dwelling gives immediate full security and reduces the risk of anyone trying to enter immediately behind you.


  • Automatic locking via magnet technology in the frame
  • Easy unlocking through successive opening of the locking and sealing
  • High security via locked hook with 25 mm visible width and claw action
    (RC2/RC3 compatible)
  • Tight seal via two independent sealing elements
  • Magnetic trigger and daytime latch in Winkhaus standard keeps for hooks
    can be retrofitted
  • Manual locking of the main deadbolt / complete system possible via profile
  • Holiday-Lockout function

AV4 Upgrade Option

We are now offering an upgrade from the WInkhaus AV2 system to the new AV4 option. Below is a quick summary of some of the new features this upgrade brings.

You can also download our AV4 upgrade guide here for more detail.

AV4 locking system now features dual hooks, giving a durable seal and ultimate resistance and stability, helping to prevent premature warping of the door. This improves the stability of the door and helps reduce the operating forces, and creates lower operating forces than the AV2.

The AV4 retains its’ automatic locking feature, keeping the property secure by engaging the dual hooks when the door has closed.

A key feature of the AV4 is the ability to temporarily prevent the door lock from automatically engaging with its ‘daylatch’ feature. By simply switching this function to the day feature, the magnet will not engage, preventing the hooks from dropping.